Our academic staff publish their world-leading research widely in prestigious international and Australian journals and serve as editors and board members of prominent journals. Our students also engage in a wide range of activities both in and outside of the classroom.

Here is a snapshot of the activities being undertaken at Melbourne Business School:

MBS students contribute to closing the gap


Melbourne Business School students recently immersed themselves in indigenous culture through a work experience program undertaken in collaboration with the Kaiela Institute

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Catholic schooling pays – 12% more to be precise

Catholic nuns

Research by the Melbourne Institute examining wage outcomes found that pay rates for Catholic school graduates progress with labour market experience at a greater rate, on average, than wage rates for public school graduates.

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Leaders in Accounting education

Accounting instruments

Accounting today is extremely sophisticated. An accountant is a strategic adviser and business partner who must have a good understanding of business issues and processes, as well as the skills necessary for sound decision-making. Accounting studies will enable you to understand the financial structure of an organisation, and to produce and analyse financial information.

Solving tomorrow's problems

Economics cmd

Economics provides skills in problem solving for business and government. It examines ways to understand what happens in markets, the performance of national economies and approaches for analysing and interpreting data. Ultimately, economics facilitates better decision making about the myriad of problems you will confront in the commercial world or in government. The University of Melbourne is home to the Department of Economics and the Melbourne Institute.

World standard research and training

Giblin library

Finance programs at MBS are developed and taught by academics from the Department of Finance, one of the few Australian university departments exclusively committed to this discipline. The Department is internationally recognised for its world standard research, research training, and undergraduate and postgraduate education in the discipline.