Career Changing: Consulting Overseas or in Australia

Global Business Practicum

Students at Melbourne Business School have the opportunity to live and work overseas as part of the intensive Global Business Practicum subject which is available to high achieving students from most Melbourne Business School degrees.

In this video, we find out what being an in-company consultant at PwC Hong Kong was like for Master of Management (Finance) student, Belinda Prasetio and Master of Management student, Vinay Nitraj, what their project was about, and what their host and mentor, Stephen Woolley, Partner, PwC Hong Kong, thought about the team's contributions during their time in his offices.

Global Practicum with PwC, Hong Kong

Business Practicum

Melbourne Business School also offers the Business Practicum subject, which sees groups of students undertake a real business consulting subject over 10 days for an organisation within Australia. From projects for large corporations to small startups the Practicum subjects are a highlight for many of our students.

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