Business Innovation Lab

This lab will give you the chance to apply theories learned in class to a real-life business problem.

Taking place over three half-days, this facilitated lab invites you to solve a real-world business problem using design thinking, with a focus on SMEs, community and not-for-profit organisations.

The Business Innovation Lab exceeded my expectations. I was able to improve my communications skills, gain industry insights and pitch with a team who were passionate about providing beneficial strategies to industry clients. This program has opened avenues that I have not explored before and challenges you to grow immensely. July 2020 participant

How does the Business Innovation Lab work?

You will be placed into a team of up to five students and matched with a business client. You will receive your client brief detailing a business challenge.

Over three days, you will be guided through a Design Thinking process which will assist you in developing a solution to your client’s challenge. You will be supported by a team facilitator to ensure you are on track with your project.

The Lab will culminate on the third day with final pitches to all industry partners.

What is the commitment?

The Business Innovation Lab is a three half-day intensive program.


Applications for 2020 have closed. An announcement for the next round of applications will be advertised in the BCom and MBS newsletters.