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The Faculty coordinates four key work integrated learning subjects that place undergraduate and graduate student teams in “real world” business projects that deliver results for our partner organisations.

We seek out business partners and industry leaders to engage student teams in meaningful projects of strategic importance or which have a significant and valued operational impact. Our business partners engage our teams of students at no cost to their organisation.

Students will apply their collective business knowledge and skills towards a project, ideally addressing open ended questions, for which various approaches can be applied and recommendations made.

Students will present their findings to you and provide you with a written report with recommendations. Our practicum and consulting subject students start generating work immediately, and similar to consultants, are relatively autonomous in their roles.

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Our business partners range from large commercial organisations, consulting and advisory firms, through to banking, government and regulatory bodies, small to medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and not-for-profit organisations.

"The team produced an insightful and polished report, supported by excellent analysis.  They also gave us a presentation that was well prepared and delivered in a helpful and confident manner. I am not an easy person to get  glowing feedback out of. This team has done an outstanding job."

- Jon Ma, Partner Strategy and Operations Consulting, Deloitte.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Thorough analysis, investigation and advice to answer a specific idea or problem, at no cost to your organisation
  • Real world recommendations encapsulating and utilising the latest theories and methodologies
  • Provision of emerging talent currently studying accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, international business, actuarial studies or human resources
  • Opportunity to connect with academic activities and possible research collaboration

Our Consulting Subjects

Global Business Practicum

A two-week overseas in-company team project for Masters students. Destinations include Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Shanghai. Projects run during January, July and November.

Business Practicum (across Melbourne & Sydney)

Masters students across the range of business disciplines engage in an intensive two-week in-company team based consulting project. Projects run during February and July.

Global Management Consulting

An intensive two-week in-company project in an international setting for teams of final year Bachelor of Commerce students. Destinations include Singapore, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok and Berlin. Projects run during January, July and December.

Management Consulting

A final year Bachelor of Commerce subject where student consulting teams work on a ten week project. Offered in both semester one (commencing March) and semester two (commencing August) each year, with students working in-company for half a day per week throughout the semester.

Project Examples

  • How can we gain greater procurement efficiency?
  • Analyse perverse tax incentives for sustainable behaviour
  • Improve proof of income verification process using digital technology
  • Feasibility assessment: creation of a new maintenance division
  • Examine implications of social media for enabling customer social investment

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