Don't be shy just say hi

Semester 1 is here, and on behalf of all the student ambassadors, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to new and returning students from near and far!

There’s something truly exciting about new beginnings. It’s an opportunity to be daring, take risks and anticipate the changes that tomorrow will bring.

As an MBS student ambassador, I started the year with energy, excitement and optimism at the MBS Student Welcome Function. As part of the Faculty’s ‘Don’t Be Shy, Just Say Hi’ campaign, I donned a bright blue vest which prompted students all around me to do just that.

I wasn’t alone. Everywhere I looked that day, I could see the Don’t Be Shy Just Say Hi campaign prompting students to introduce themselves and feel comfortable approaching anyone whether they were an MBS Ambassador or a fellow student wearing a Don’t Be Shy Just Say Hi badge. I saw students mingling the room and new friendships starting to form.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when we can relax, have a laugh and meet some really great people from all walks of life?

So, while orientation week may have come to an end, the making of friendships doesn’t have to. Years from now, I’d like to look back at our time at Melbourne Business School with stories to tell and friendships that transcend borders and withstand the test of time.

To our new students, we are cheering you on as you embark on this new journey, and for our current students, we hope a new year will bring with it new opportunities and frontiers to explore.

Good luck for Semester 1!

Leesa Chen,   MBS Ambassador, Master of International Business (2020), Westpac Scholar