Experiencing Gratitude in the time of Coronavirus

Life is like a river that keeps on flowing. Sometimes we stumble along the way, but I’d like to believe that we can always find a way out. Needless to say, COVID-19 is the stumbling block that we are all facing today, challenging us to stay home and keep a distance from friends and family for the common good.

On day five of the lockdown, I experienced something that reminded me to be grateful, even as our daily realities continued to shift in the face of the pandemic.

Amid the panic buying we were witnessing at the supermarket, I came across a beautiful note on an empty shelf, probably drawn by a kid, addressing the Woolworths staff: “Thank you for your efforts.”

The child’s gesture made me think of the many unsung heroes helping the community adapt to this new environment. Beyond frontline workers, there are professors, teachers, and supermarket staff who are all still doing their jobs.

It made me think about the importance of small gestures, gratitude, and the power of saying “thank you.” It was a reminder that they shouldn’t be forgotten.

While we may feel fear and anxiety in these uncertain times, and wish we could hit the rewind button for everything to go back to the way it used to be, I am also learning and discovering ways to foster a sense of community and belonging in these isolating times and consider the wellbeing of others under these circumstances.

Thank you for your efforts hand drawn note
A Message to Woolworths staff “Thank you for your efforts,” upright on an empty shelf

I have found gratitude to be nourishing a heart-centric approach towards self-affirmation. Being at peace with who we are and what we have in and around us. I now start my day by reflecting on the things I am grateful for and set myself goals for what I want to accomplish as part of a bigger picture. This helps me stay positive.

Gratitude is like magic. Go ahead, try it out right now. What or who do you have in your life to be thankful for?

Rohit Kochhar, MBS Student Ambassador