Global Business Practicum - November 2020

BUSA90485 Global Business Practicum is an in-company intensively-taught subject where students experience the unique business practices and culture of an international company first-hand.

The Global Business Practicum is worth 12.5 credit points and is offered in January, June and November of each year.

Students participating in the November intake of the program will travel to London or Munich.

Please read on to find out what you could gain from participating in the Global Business Practicum.

  • Why take BUSA90485 Global Business Practicum

    Studies show that having a well-developed range of transferrable skills is crucial for the success of individuals, businesses and societies. Often referred to as employability or ‘soft’ skills, these are the non-technical skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and self-management which are developed through exposure to experiences outside the classroom - like work integrated learning subjects, internships and on-the-job learning.

    When these employability skills are combined with technical skills/qualifications and personal attributes, an individual becomes employable across a range of industries, increasing job prospects, becoming a more competitive job-seeker and being a more attractive potential hire.

    So what does this have to do with the Global Business Practicum?

    As well as being an impressive addition to any CV, the primary aim of the Global Business Practicum is to provide graduate students with opportunities to develop and enhance employability skills from application right through to the final assessment and beyond.

    It is expected that two thirds of all jobs will be soft skill intensive by 2030, so finding opportunities to develop these skills as early as possible is becoming increasingly important.

    In the Global Business Practicums this is done by:

    • Working closely in a team;
    • Building resilience by being exposed to challenging and intensive working environments;
    • Communicating with a range of stakeholders;
    • Increasing global networks;
    • Using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve a real business problem;
    • Applying classroom theory to real world practice.

    Read about previous Business Practicum student experiences here.

    View this subject in the Handbook

    (Source: Deloitte Soft Skills for Business Success)

  • November city profiles


    London is a global business hub and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Being located at a mid-way point between the US and Asian Markets and time zones positions this dynamic city as a global leader in banking and financial services. London is home to 40% of the top 250 companies with headquarters in Europe.


    Munich is the third largest office location in Europe after London and Paris. It is the economic heart of Bavaria with many of the largest Germany-based companies headquartered in Munich, including global corporations such as Allianz, BMW, MAN, Munich Re, and Siemens. The city houses a mix of companies of all shapes, sizes and industries like SMEs, start-ups, high-tech industries and knowledge-intensive services. A prominent media hub and a centre of the southern German finance sector, it ranks as Germany's number one insurance venue and draws attention from investors and developers due to its financial security and growth prospects.

  • Key Dates

    To take part in the Global Business Practicum, please note the following compulsory dates, activities and hurdle requirements. All students who are offered a place in the Global Business Practicum are required to participate in all these activities. If you know in advance that you are unable to commit to one or more of these dates, please do not apply.

    November 2020
    Applications OpenMonday 6 April 2020
    Applications CloseSunday 3 May 2020
    Group InterviewsMonday 11 - Tuesday 12 May 2020
    Offer acceptance and $500 deposit due dateSunday 24 May 2020
    Balance dueSunday 21 June 2020
    Logistics briefingTuesday 28 July 2020
    Pre-departure online LMS training modules
    (12 hours)
    Thursday 22 October 2020 (hurdle requirement)
    *To be confirmed 
    Pre-departure workshopsSunday 25 October 2020 (hurdle requirement)
    *To be confirmed 
    In-country datesTuesday 24 November - Thursday 10 December 2020
    In-company datesThursday 26 November - Wednesday 9 December 2020
    Final presentation to companyOn or prior to Wednesday 9 December 2020
  • Eligibility Criteria

    You are enrolled into an approved graduate degree

    • Students enrolled in an approved MBS graduate degree are eligible to apply. Please check the University of Melbourne handbook or with Course Planners at STOP1 if unsure whether the Global Business Practicum can be taken as part of your current degree.
    • MBS students who have already completed one Graduate Practicum subject may apply to take another but will be placed on a waiting list and only offered a place based on availability.
    • Students enrolled in the Master of Engineering, Master of Information Systems and Master of Information Technology are eligible to apply.
    • All other University of Melbourne graduate students are not eligible to apply for any practicum subjects without the prior approval of the Subject Coordinator and the MBS Deputy Dean. Proof of approval must be emailed to before the application close date. Late approval submissions will not be accepted and applications without the required approval will be withdrawn.

    Your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is 70% or higher

    Due to limited spaces, entry into the Global Business Practicum is competitive. Selection is based on a University of Melbourne equivalent weighted average mark for all undergraduate and postgraduate subjects successfully completed at the selection date, as well as performance in an interview process, and is contingent on permission from the Subject Coordinator.

    The minimum average mark requirement for the subject is 70% and the Selection Committee considers the following when allocating places:

    • Academic Performance
    • Interview performance
    • An overall match of skills, experience and interests to the available projects

    You have completed a minimum of 50 points

    • 200-point degree students: completion of a minimum of 50 points at time of application; or
    • 150 point degree students: completion of a minimum of 50 points at time of practicum commencement if you have a business background (e.g. studied business subjects in an undergraduate degree or relevant work experience).

    Note: All students enrolled in a 200-point degree must first have completed 50 points before applying, regardless of educational background.

    You are only applying for one Practicum subject (Global or Business Practicum) for the intake

    Students must only apply for one Graduate Practicum subject per intake. Students who apply for both the Global Business Practicum and the Business Practicum during the same intake (e.g. January/Summer) will not be considered for either subject.

    You have met with a Course Planner from STOP1 and checked that there is capacity within your study plan for this elective subject worth 12.5 points

    Students are required to seek guidance from a STOP1 Course Planner prior to applying to ensure there is space in their study plan for this subject. Course Advice appointments can be booked here.

    Please note: students undertaking the Master of Commerce (Finance) are generally ineligible to apply, due to limited elective options available in the course.

    You have prepared your CV and had it reviewed

    Students who successfully make it through the selection process (including attending a group interview) and receive an official offer for the Global Business Practicum must submit an up-to-date CV as part of the acceptance requirements.

    CVs must be reviewed by the Careers and Employability Studio at Stop 1, or by an external professional CV writing service.

    Click here to find out more about preparing your CV.

    EmployMe provides tools, resources and videos to build your skills in job seeking, resume building, interview performance and more.

  • How much will it cost?

    Costs & Payments

    In addition to the standard University subject fee, there is an additional GBP fee for each location. This information will be provided here in early 2020.

    What is included?

    • 15 - 16 nights bed and breakfast accommodation (in min. 3* equivalent accommodation based on a twin share, air-conditioned, ensuite room.)
    • the University of Melbourne also offers a complimentary standard travel insurance.

    What is not included?

    • International airfare
    • Lunch, dinner and spending money
    • Visa (if required)
    • Local transportation
    • Additional personal insurance
  • Grants, Scholarships and Funding

    Global Business Practicum Travel Grant

    All students who are given a place in the Global Business Practicum and successfully enrol in the subject will be eligible for the $1,000 Global Business Practicum Travel Grant to assist with costs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I apply if I don’t have any consulting experience?
    Yes, there is a full selection process including a group interview to determine your eligibility and suitability for the program. Selection is not based on existing consulting experience.


    I want to take an online intensive subject over the summer/winter break while also completing the GBP (e.g. Ethics in Finance). Is this okay?
    No, even though the subject is online, students participating in the GBP will not be permitted to enrol in any other subjects that run during the same dates as the practicums. GBP is intensive and requires 100% commitment from students.


    Can I choose the GBP city?
    Students can nominate their order of preferences of GBP cities. Nominating only one city may reduce the likelihood of being selected into the program.

    Can I change my city preference once I’ve been accepted?
    No, preferences are not able to be negotiated once the offer has been accepted. We base substantial decision making and coordination of arrangements on the nominated preferences.

    Can I choose my team, the company or type of project?
    No, students are allocated to teams and companies with specific projects. However, students are given the opportunity to advise their areas of interest which we endeavour to consider when allocating teams. Students would not be allocated to a project where they did not have the technical skills required. Most projects are multi-disciplinary.


    I have family that live in the GBP city. Can I stay with them during the GBP or do I have to stay at the organised accommodation?
    Students must stay at the organised accommodation due to the intensive nature of the subject and because a lot of the teamwork happens during the evening and late into the night.

    Can I pay an additional cost and have my own single room?
    No, package costs have been worked out based on twin share rooms with accommodation secured up to six months in advance. Single rooms are not practical for the remaining students who may not wish to pay extra for a single room, nor can the availability of additional rooms be guaranteed.

    I have a friend of a different gender also participating in the GBP, can we request to share a room?
    No, whilst we understand there are close friendships between students, accommodation bookings and package costs are based on twin share rooms. Mixed gender twin share rooms are not practical for the remaining students who may not wish to share with a student of a different gender.

    Can my partner/friend accompany me while I am taking part in GBP?
    No, this is an intensive two week for-credit subject which requires you to be available to work with your team for the duration of the program.  You can travel with your partner/friend prior to or after the completion of the program.

  • Information Session

    Information regarding the November 2020 Global Business Practicum information session will be included here in early 2020.

  • Apply Now

    An application form will be available here from Monday 6 April 2020.

  • Contact Us

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