Business Practicum

Stand out to potential employers by completing a consulting project in a team with an Australian-based organisation. Offered in both intensive and semester-long formats, Business Practicum will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to collaborate within a cross functional team setting.

Nicolas Segura - Business Practicum with ANZ

Benefits of the Business Practicum

The Business Practicum (BP) in the June 2023 study period will be conducted in-person and will involve travel to Sydney.

By participating in BP, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Apply your classroom theory, and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve a realistic business scenario
  • Enhance your teamwork and communication skills, and demonstrate your ability to collaborate with stakeholders
  • Receive guidance from an academic mentor and a project organisation mentor
  • Gain confidence in managing yourself and feel ready to start employment
  • Access industry networks and stand out to employers with proven project management experience

Key dates

If you are offered a place in the Business Practicum, you are required to participate in all listed activities. If you are unable to commit to one or more of these dates, please do not apply.

Applications for 2023 Semester 1 period have closed. Applications will open again for the 2023 June study period in early Semester 1 2023.

2023 June (Winter) and 2024 Summer and Semester 1

June (Winter) 2023Summer 2024Semester 1 2024
Applications OpenMonday 27 February, 9amMonday 17 July 2023, 9amMonday 17 July 2023,  9am
Information sessionTuesday 7  March, 2pmTuesday 1 August 2023, 1-2pmTuesday 1 August 2023, 1-2pm
Applications closeSunday 19 March, 11.59pmSunday 6 August 2023, 11.59pm Sunday 6 August 2023, 11.59pm
Round 1 outcomes (interview invitations)Wednesday 22 MarchTuesday 8 August 2023Tuesday 8 August 2023
InterviewsWednesday 29 March Thursday 17 August - Friday 18 August 2023Thursday 17 August - Friday 18 August 2023
Selection outcomesTuesday 4 AprilMonday 21 August 2023Monday 21 August 2023
Careers and Employability "Smart Resume demonstration" video to help you reach the green zoneAccess hereAccess hereAccess here
Offer acceptances dueWednesday 12 AprilSunday 27 August 2023Sunday 27 August 2023
LMS modules dueFriday 23 June, 11:59pmWednesday 24 January 2024, 11.59pmTuesday 27 February 2024, 11.59pm
Induction trainingN/AThursday 25 January 2024Wednesday 28 February 2024
Students arrive in SydneySunday 2 JulyN/AN/A
Company project periodMonday 3 July - Friday 14 JulyMonday 29 January - Friday 9 February 2024Monday 4 March - Friday 24 May 2024
Students depart SydneySaturday 15 JulyN/AN/A
Assessment period endsFriday 22 JulyFriday 16 February 2024Friday 7 June 2024


  • You are enrolled into an approved graduate degree
    • Students enrolled in an approved MBS graduate degree are eligible to apply. Please check the University of Melbourne handbook (click on Further information > Related Handbook entries. If your course is not listed, you will need to seek approval from your Program Director) or with Course Planners at Stop 1 if you are unsure whether the Business Practicum can be taken as part of your current degree.
    • Students enrolled in the Master of Engineering (Biomedical, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software streams), Master of Information Systems and Master of Information Technology are eligible to apply.
    • Other non-FBE students are not eligible to apply for any FBE practicum subjects without the prior approval of the Subject Coordinator. Proof of approval must be emailed to before the application close date. Late approval submissions will not be accepted and applications without the required approval will be withdrawn. Please note: students undertaking the Master of Commerce (Finance) are generally ineligible to apply, due to limited elective options available in the course.
    • Students who have already completed one Graduate Practicum subject may apply to take another but will be placed on a waiting list and only offered a place based on availability
  • Your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is 70% or higher

    Due to limited spaces, entry into the Business Practicum is competitive. Selection is based on a WAM for all postgraduate subjects successfully completed at the selection date, and is contingent on permission from the Subject Coordinator.

    The minimum WAM requirement for the subject is 70% and the Selection Committee considers the following when allocating places:

    • academic performance
    • an overall match of skills, experience and interests to the available projects.
  • You have completed a minimum of 50 credit points
      Students enrolled in a MBS program or eligible non-MBS program must have completed a minimum of 50 points of their program at the time of application.
  • You have space in your study plan for this subject

    Before applying, you should ensure there is space in your study plan for this subject. You can do this by adding the subject as ‘planned’ although this is not a requirement at the time of application.

  • You are available to attend an interview if you are successful in the shortlisting stage

    Students who are successful in the shortlisting stage will be invited to attend either an in-person or online interview (dependent on COVID-19 restrictions at the time of scheduled interviews). You must attend an interview if you wish to be considered for a place in the Business Practicum.

  • You have prepared your CV and had it reviewed

    Students who receive an official offer for the Business Practicum must submit a CV with evidence that the CV has scored a 'green' rating on the University of Melbourne's Smart Resume platform. Find out more about preparing your CV.

    EmployMe provides tools, resources and videos to build your skills in job seeking, resume building, interview performance and more.

Cost and FBE Travel Grant

The cost of the Business Practicum is a standard University subject.

However, there will be additional costs associated with the travel component of the June 2023 BP for:

  • accommodation (which is $1633 per student),
  • flights,
  • meals, and
  • other incidental travel expenses.

A $750 Business Practicum Travel Grant will be given to MBS students* participating in the June 2023 BP to assist with travel costs.  Faculty of Engineering and IT students are not eligible to receive this grant.

*Only students who have not previously received a Travel Grant from FBE (e.g. the $1000 Global Business Practicum Travel Grant).


Applications for the February and Semester 1, 2023 intakes in the Business Practicum subject have closed.

Please note: You cannot apply for both the Business Practicum and Global Business Practicum (BUSA90485) during the same study period. Students who apply for both the Business Practicum and the Global Business Practicum during the same intake (e.g. BP June/GBP June) will not be considered for either subject.

If you have previously completed Global Business Practicum (BUSA90485) and wish to enrol in the Business Practicum, please email You will be added to a waitlist and you will be considered if places are not filled by applicants.

  • Step 1

    Access the Sonia Live platform:

    Click into Faculty of Business and Economics, and then log in using your University of Melbourne student credentials.

  • Step 2

    Click on the Placements tab on the menu bar at the top of the page and search for the placement group for the subject that you’re interested in applying for. For the 2023 June intake, this will be called “2023 June - Business Practicum (BUSA90473)”.

    Please note that the Business Practicum placement group will only be open for you to join if applications are currently open for an upcoming intake. If the placement group does not allow you to join, it is likely that applications have not yet opened or have already closed. Check the key dates section above to find out when applications are open for this intake.

  • Step 3

    Click the green + Join option. This will give you access to the subject application form which can be found on the Forms tab. You may need to refresh your browser for this to appear.

  • Step 4

    Complete all fields of the application form and click submit. Please ensure you take note of the application due date as we do not accept late submissions.

  • Step 5

    After the subject application closing date, applications will be shortlisted and applicants will receive an outcome via email.

For students approaching and in the process of applying for highly coveted graduate jobs, the Business Practicum is especially pertinent as it offers invaluable professional exposure and experience that could be the final clincher between them and their dream job.

- Harpreet Kaur Sandhu, Business Practicum with KPMG Australia

Read about Harpreet's experience

Information session

Watch the recording of the June (Winter) Information session. You can also access the information session recording via your MBS Career Elevation Canvas community.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I apply if I don’t have any consulting experience?

    Yes, there is a full selection process to determine your eligibility and suitability for the program. Selection is not based on existing consulting experience.

  • I want to take an online intensive subject over summer/winter while also completing a summer intensive /July intensive Business Practicum. Is this okay?

    No, Business Practicum participants enrolled in the summer or winter intake will not be permitted to enrol in any other subjects that run in the same period as the Business Practicum intake. Both summer and winter intakes are intensive and will require 100% commitment from students.

    Please note: This relates to the intensive stream (Summer or Winter) only. A normal subject load can be undertaken with the semester-long Business Practicum stream (Semester 1 or Semester 2).

  • Can I choose the company or type of project?

    No, students are allocated to teams and companies with specific projects. However, students are given the opportunity to advise their areas of interest which we endeavour to consider when allocating teams. Students will not be allocated to a project where they do not have the technical skills required. Most projects are multi-disciplinary.

  • Can exchange students apply?

    Exchange students can apply, and if they meet the criteria be interviewed. However, they will be placed on a waitlist and only receive an offer if there is spare capacity in the section.

Further information

View this subject in the Handbook.

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