Changing Courses

Internal Transfers

Due Dates & Application Requirements

Please note the due dates for the submission of an application to transfer courses. Unfortunately, late applications will not be considered. An internal transfer form must be completed and will be available, via this website, on the dates indicated below:

  • Applications to transfer for Semester 2, 2021 
    The application form will be available to download from Monday 10 May 2021
    Closing Date - 9:00am Monday 21 June 2021 - late applications will not be considered

Applicants are required to wait until after the final results release date before their application will be processed.  

Transfers into the Master of Finance (MC-FINANCE) or the Master of Finance (Enhanced) (MC-FINENH) are not available. You will need to submit an application for these courses.

Note, however, that transfers from the Master of Finance (MC-FINANCE) into the Master of Finance (Enhanced) (MC-FINENH) and vice versa are possible.


MBS programs have enrollment quotas. Approval of Internal transfer applications is subject to the availability of places in a program.

Continuing students who wish to transfer must meet all the minimum entrance requirements of the program they wish to transfer to, and are advised to check the latest entry requirements on the Faculty website.

Applicants may be eligible for an Internal Transfer if they have successfully completed at least one semester of study and have:

  • More than one semester left to complete of their degree
  • Achieved the required Weighted Average Mark for entry to that program
  • Achieved the required GMAT or GRE results for entry to that program (if applicable)
  • Completed undergraduate studies in a discipline required for entry to that program (if applicable)

Students may also be asked to submit a Statement of Intent with their transfer application.

Please note:

  1. Transferring students will only receive credit for subjects that are required in the new program, or where those subjects can take the place of electives (depending on course rules).
  2. Transfer eligibility and Advanced Standing is assessed simultaneously by the Selection Panel. MBS cannot advise applicants on whether or not credit will be granted prior to the application outcome.

Master of Management programs:

  • Students admitted to a 200 point program who successfully transfer into a 150 point program may not be eligible to receive credit for some/all foundation subjects completed in the 200 point program.
  • Students enrolled in a 150 point program who transfer to a 200 point program are required to complete additional elective subjects in place of foundation subjects.
  • Only students who were eligible for the shorter program at the point of admission are able to transfer from a 200 point to a 150 point program.