Student Support

Familiarise yourself with the support services available to help you throughout your student journey

There are a range of student support services available to help in your adjustment to university life, and to provide you with continuing support that will enhance your learning.  We offer assistance to all students in areas such as housing, student financial aid, health services and counselling.

Special Consideration

We realise that some students may occasionally require further support from the University with issues that may adversely affect their academic performance.

Special Consideration supports students whose studies have been significantly affected by circumstances outside of their control, or by events or circumstances of national or state significance within cultural, sporting, military, emergency service or legal obligations that the student is required to undertake.

You may also register for ongoing support if you have an ongoing condition which impacts on your capacity to perform to the best of your academic ability. For students with ongoing or long-term circumstances, study adjustments will usually be applied for a longer duration which means that you will not have to reapply for Special Consideration every study period. The sooner we are aware of your needs, the easier it will be to make suitable arrangements for you.

Read more information on how to apply for Special Consideration.

Academic Skills

Academic Skills is a free service for University of Melbourne students that aims to develop students’ academic writing and learning strategies through workshops, resources and individual tutorials. Academic Skills also helps non-native English speakers to improve their grammar and expression.

Melbourne Business School encourages students to utilise the Academic Skills service.

Melbourne Careers

Melbourne Careers works with students to help them build their employability and career management skills by providing a range of careers programs and resources. Melbourne Careers also works with faculties to embed career development learning within the academic curriculum. In addition, they work closely with employers and professional bodies to enhance their capacities and create positive connections between them, the University and students.

University Services

Advocacy Service

The Advocacy Service provides advice and advocacy to students for all problems, big and small.

Child Care

The University operates two children's centres for children (from 3 months old to school-age) of students and staff. Waiting list applications can be submitted to the Children's Services Office.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services provide free, confidential and professional assistance for all students, and offer a wide range of workshops and seminars to enhance the learning experience of students.


Melbourne Dental Clinic (MDC) operates as a world-class training centre for Undergraduate dentists and Postgraduate dentists from The University of Melbourne in a specialty area of their choice under the supervision and tutelage of expert Professors and highly qualified specialists. MDC is a not-for-profit provider of dental services to the general public.

Eye Care

The University of Melbourne EyeCare provides glasses and contact lenses at significantly reduced costs for students.

Financial Aid

Information on financial issues relevant to students, including money and tax matters in Australia, interest-free loans, grants and budgeting advice.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association Inc. (GSA) is the student representative body for graduate students at The University of Melbourne, and provide a range of services including advice and advocacy, and facilities such as study areas and printing services.

Health Service

The Health Service bulk-bills students and their dependents, and is a 10-minute walk from the main campus.


Student Housing Services provide information on the range of housing options available to students, as well as related resources such as guides to suburbs, temporary accommodation and information about your rights and duties as a tenant (rental lease holder) under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

Legal Service

The Legal Service provides confidential legal advice for students, and information about legal issues.

Religious Services

Chaplains are appointed to the University to offer pastoral and spiritual care, confidential support and encouragement to all students and staff, whatever their faith.

Security Service

The Security Service promotes personal safety and theft prevention.  A 24-hour security escort service is available to all students.

Student Equity and Disability Support

Student Equity and Disability Support provides advice, information and services to reduce the impact of health and disability related issues that may be affecting your ability to study.

Student Union

The Student Union not only offers support services, but a wide range of cultural and extracurricular activities for students.