Subject Selection and Advanced Standing

Advice on choosing subjects and eligibility for advanced standing

Choosing Subjects

As soon as you are admitted to a program, you can start enrolling into subjects. Before you do, you must familiarise yourself with the rules of your course as outlined in the University's handbook to ensure that you complete the correct number and type of subjects in the correct sequence.

You should start by reviewing the recommended study plan for your program.

You must enrol into all your subjects for the current year via your my.unimelb account:

  • Students commencing in Semester 1 (Start Year Intake) must enrol in subjects for both Semesters 1 and 2
  • Students commencing in Semester 2 (Mid Year Intake) enrol in subjects for Semester 2 only

Important course planning information

Check the ‘Additional Information’ section of your letter of offer.

Your letter of offer may include information about Advanced Standing, additional subjects you are required to take, or eligibility for a shorter version of your course. Below are some common examples and explanations.

Please note that you are also eligible for the 150 point version of the same program. Please contact if you would like an offer for this program.

Some programs have more than one version.  If you are eligible for a shorter version of the program you applied for, it would be noted in the Additional Information section of your letter of offer.  If you wish to request an offer for the shorter version of your course, you must email your request to the admissions team well in advance of your course commencement date.

You are required to enrol in the following subject(s) in your first semester of study: FNCE90060 Financial Management.

If your previous studies do not cover all of the subject material deemed necessary for success in your MBS program, you will be advised to enrol in a specific subject in your first semester of study.  Required subjects take the place of electives and do not increase the total number of subjects in your program.

Please be advised you have been granted a non-credit exemption from: ECOM90009 Quantitative Methods for Business and ECON90015 Managerial Economics. If you wish to accept the non-credit exemption/s please submit an Enrolment Variation Form to have your study plan amended. You will need to attach a copy of your offer letter to the request.

When you apply for entry to an MBS program, you are automatically assessed for non-credit exemptions. If you were granted an exemption, this would be noted in your letter of offer.  You will need to submit an Enrolment Variation form in order to have the subject removed from your study plan. Accepting a non-credit exemption will mean that you are no longer required to complete that subject and have the opportunity to take an elective subject in its place. There is no change to the number of subjects you are required to complete in order to graduate.

More tips on selecting subjects

Advanced Standing - Exemptions & Credit

What is Advanced Standing?

Students who are deemed to have completed prior studies equivalent to subjects in their MBS course may be eligible for Advanced Standing.

There are two types of Advanced Standing:

  • An exemption (Exempt advanced standing without credit) means that you do not have to complete the subject, but you must replace it with an elective from your program. This type of advanced standing is usually based on prior undergraduate-level studies.
  • A credit (Exempt advanced standing with credit) means that you do not have to complete the subject, and this will reduce the total number of subjects you must take in order to complete the program. This type of advanced standing is usually based on prior graduate-level studies.

Am I eligible for Advanced Standing?

Check your offer letter! All students are assessed for Advanced Standing when they apply for admission to a program. If you have been granted Advanced Standing, you will be notified of this in your letter of offer.

Please ensure you have read add the information in your offer letter before submitting an application for advanced standing.

  • If your offer letter states that you were granted credit or exemptions and you need help adjusting your enrolment or study plan, submit an Enrolment Variation form .
  • If your offer letter does not list any Advanced Standing, but you strongly believe you are eligible, you may submit an application for reassessment.

IMPORTANT: Do not contact program directors or academic staff to request advanced standing. If you wish to be considered for credit or exemptions that are not on your offer letter, you must submit an application form online.

Your application must include official subject outlines for your prior studies and a copy of your academic transcript. If your studies were completed at The University of Melbourne, you are not required to submit these documents.

Advanced Standing applications for subjects undertaken in the current semester must be submitted by 5pm Friday of the first week of semester.

More information on Advanced Standing.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

The University of Melbourne believes that excellence in teaching and learning can be achieved in an intellectual environment where academic integrity is highly valued and carefully upheld.

Plagiarism occurs if you use information or someone else's ideas without acknowledgment, and is not necessarily the same as infringing copyright. For further information about how to avoid plagiarism and infringing copyright, please visit the academic honesty and plagiarism web site.