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Assignment Submission

The majority of assignments for subjects offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics will be submitted online through the Assignment Submission Tool.  The Assignment Tool can be accessed by logging into the Learning Management System (LMS) and accessing the relevant subject page.  You should consult your tutor or subject coordinator to ascertain the submission method of your assignments.

You can find further information regarding assignment submission at ask.unimelb.

Assignment Extensions

When should you apply directly to the faculty for an Extension?

You can apply for an extension prior to the due date of an assignment if you are experiencing circumstances that are beyond your control. The maximum you can receive through this process is 10 working days.You will need to provide sufficient supporting documentation to shows how your circumstances have been impacted such as a health professional letter in the case of illness. Work commitments are not usually grounds for an extension. You can submit a Faculty Extension request using the Request Extension link below.

Request Extension

When should you apply for Special Consideration?

You should submit a special consideration application for an assignment extension if it is passed the due date of the assessment or you require more than 10 working days or if the assessment does not permit extensions (check your subject guide). You will need to provide supporting documentation. Please note, a Statuary Declaration is on its own is not sufficient evidence. They will only be accepted in relation to bereavement applications, which also should include a death/funeral notice.

What if the assessment is a group assignment?

It is important that you maintain communication with your group and let them know of your circumstances. Don’t leave it until the last minute to let them know. The same rules apply for group assignments as individual assessments so check if you should be applying for a Faculty Extension or Special Consideration. Often an extension will apply to the whole group so make sure you let them know when you receive your outcome.

What about take-home exams?

You will need to apply through the Special Consideration system for take home exams. Depending on the subject, you may receive an extension or be granted a special exam.

When will I get my outcome?

The length of the extension you will receive will be based on the supporting documentation you provide. For example, if you have a medical certificate that is for 3 days prior to the due date, you will receive 3 days extension from the due date. Because outcomes can take up to 5 working days, it is possible to receive a retrospective extension which means your due date will be in the past. We strongly suggest that you keep working on the assessment and submit it as soon as possible.

Exam Viewing Appointments

Exam viewing appointments are a chance for you to have a look at your exam paper and view the marks you have received for each question.

Where practicable, exam viewing appointments will be released after the supplementary exam period.  Due to time constraints, this may not be possible for every study period.

Please note: an exam viewing appointment is an opportunity to discuss your exam, not to request a remarking of your paper or to request additional marks. It is an opportunity for feedback only.

If your subject is not listed below you will need to contact the Subject Coordinator directly to organise an appointment.

All appointments are closed (no bookings can be made) 24 hours prior to the date of the appointment.

Please do not book more than one appointment per subject. Students found with duplicate appointments will have both appointments cancelled.

Students that are sitting a Supplementary or Special Exam are generally not permitted to view their original exam.

Appointments can be made via the Student Booking System. Please see below for further subject information and locations.


*Please note that times and dates are subject to change.  You will be notified of any changes to your appointment.

SubjectConsultant NameDate of appointmentsVenueAppt. Length
ACCT90002 Financial Statement AnalysisFlora Kuang1-Mar-19Level 8 Fishbowl, The Spot15 min
ACCT90009 Strategic Cost ManagementMario Schabus14-Dec-18
Room 8.038, The Spot10 min
ACCT90013 Financial Accounting
Summer 2019 (book under Sem 2, 2018)
Xue Jia6-March-19Level 7 Fishbowl, The Spot10 min
ACCT90030 Information Processes & ControlMartin Weisner12-Dec-18
Level 8, The Fishbowl, The Spot15 min
ACCT90014 Auditing and Assurance ServicesJane Hronsky5-Dec-18
Room 08.056, Level 8, The Spot15 min
ECOM90002 Econometrics 2 (book under ECOM30002)David Moreton17-Dec-18
Room 459, FBE Building15 min
ECON90015 Managerial EconomicsDavid Christie4-Dec-18
Room 472, FBE Building15 min
FNCE90011 Derivative SecuritiesThijs van der Heijden21-Dec-18Room 12.029, The Spot10 min
FNCE90012 Mergers and Value Enhancing StrategiesEkaterina Volkova19-Dec-18Room 12.028, The Spot10 min
FNCE90013 Case Studies in FinanceSpencer Martin14-Mar-19Room 11.038,   The Spot10 min
FNCE90015 Fixed IncomeThijs  van der Heijden21-Dec-19Room 12.029, The Spot10 min
FNCE90046 Treasury ManagementDavid Robinson28-Feb-19Level 11 The Spot20 min
FNCE90047 Financial Markets and InstrumentsZhuo Zhong5-Mar-19Room 12.049, The Spot30 min
MKTG90003 Public Relations ManagementDanielle Chmielewski-Raimondo


Room 9.47, Level 9, The Spot10 min


Special Consideration

Special consideration is available where a student may experience unexpected circumstances such as a sudden illness or bereavement or require long-term, ongoing support due to a disability or health condition.

More information on Special Consideration can be found on the Student Support page.

Alternative Exam Arrangement

An Alternative Exam Arrangement (AEA) is available to students who have been granted Special Consideration for ongoing support.

More information on AEAs can be found here.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

The University of Melbourne believes that excellence in teaching and learning can be achieved in an intellectual environment where academic integrity is highly valued and carefully upheld.

Plagiarism occurs if you use information or someone else's ideas without acknowledgment, and is not necessarily the same as infringing copyright. For further information about how to avoid plagiarism and infringing copyright, please visit the academic honesty and plagiarism web site.

Assessment and Results Policy (MPF1326)

Access the University of Melbourne Assessment and Results Policy here.